Premium Membership is Coming!

August 24, 2013

Premium Membership

Premium Membership beginning Fall 2013


We are in the process of upgrading our service to include 3 tiers: Standard (aka Free), Deluxe and the all new Premium.


So what is Premium? 

Premium has all of the features of Deluxe plus a few more. Premium will have at least 5 new features. These features will be rolling out one by one as they become available. Here is a preview of what the highest level of Cab Dash will offer:

Accurate Cab Chute Wait Times – scientific, not based on any one random driver post which is subject to misinformation

Fare Tracker - keep track of your fares and manage your time better

Smart Drive - Cab Dash does the analyzing for you and tells you the top 3 places to go next

Bellhop Buddy – our friends at the Bell Desk get in on the action!

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More details to follow on each of these services as we introduce each one.

Once Premium takes effect, ALL current Deluxe Memberships will automatically be upgraded to Premium with no increase in rates!

So if you are a Deluxe member, just sit back and let the new features roll in! If you are a Free member, upgrade before September 5th to take advantage of this once in a lifetime (literally) deal!


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