Micro Updates

July 27, 2013

From time to time we make big changes with Cab Dash. But more often than not, we are constantly making tiny modifications to our app. An icon here. A code tweak there. All in the name of striving to be a better facilitator of quality data for our drivers! Today we are sharing a quick list of the updates we have implemented this week. Enjoy!


Earlier Checkouts:
Some of you get up and out so early…so we got up a little earlier too! Hotel checkouts now begin at 3am and end at 5pm.


Closing Alerts Sorting:
Sort by capacity. Not only is it important to know who’s closing sooner, but how many potential fares are walking out that door!


Flight Page Updates:
OK, this is more than small. There is a new dashboard at the top of the flight screen page that gives you the vital stats for the airport: arriving flights, estimated passengers, # of international flights and arrivals per terminal! All of which can be easily viewed for the next 15 minutes, 15-30 or 30-60 minutes.

Remember, our flight arrivals show when a flight pulls into the gate; as opposed to landing. This data ensures that we maximize the information on potential passengers coming out looking for cabs.

We have also added an indicator next to the flights that are international with a little “INT” label.


Location-aware Alerts:
Look for this icon: gps-animation-icon next to your member level to ensure GPS is enabled on your device. Geolocation is making its way into many features of Cab Dash over the next few weeks (fare tracking…and something else super secret!). We’re already using geolocation for our Cheapest Gas feature and analytics data.

But as of this week, we are happ to offer location-aware closing closing alerts! You will now see a “GPS” icon as well as a pink background on closing alerts that are within close proximity to you. Now you can more easily prioritize which of the venue’s to go to based on distance!


“All Hotels” Page:
Sort by Checkouts – Yet another way to organize the hotel information when determining where to go next.


Well that’s all for now. We had a big week and intend to continue our pace of innovation to continue to make Cab Dash the best it could be for our users. Happy Driving!



New Features for Summer 2013

May 21, 2013

Ready, set, launch! It’s been a busy couple of months for our development team. But rather than give them a break, we’re coming up with more great features to keep Cab Dash innovative. But in the meantime, here’s what has been done already:


One of the biggest improvements coming to Cab Dash is location-aware features. By leveraging your devices’ GPS, we can provide you with content relevant to your location. Cab Dash will be able to tell you that a show is letting out in your area, how long your current fare is expected to last, how many cabs are at a given location…even where the cheapest gas be found.


cab dash map integration

Cab Dash will leverage Google maps to provide you with directions, fare tracking and location-based information.


The feature is still in the Beta phase, but a select few will start seeing the features over the next week. We’ll update you with a more detailed play-by-play of the features when its launched this summer.


We’ve recently implemented a system that will automatically reward those who stick around. After one month, six months and one year, content, membership discounts and goodies (shirts, hats, dashboard phone holders…useful stuff!)

Look for a message to appear when you hit these milestones notifying you of your offer


We are working with numerous vendors to bring deals and promotions straight to the drivers via Cab Dash. Look for special offers from shows, clubs, hotels and more that will be benefit not just you, but your passengers also.